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Are you looking to get a quote for some rewiring costs? Maybe you have just bought a new home and the wiring is old and needs testing? Are you concerned your fuse board is out of date and needs upgrading? Call J K Electric today and can arrange for a free, no-obligation quote.  

Rewiring your home can be a major project but we aim to keep disruption to a minimum and we will keep you informed every step of the way. Following completion of any partial or full electrical rewiring work, we will provide you with all the paperwork and certificates to confirm the wiring in your home meets electrical standards. To find out more, call us on  07789713441


There are many different opinions about how often you should rewire a house:

1. After a specific time period usually about 25 years.
2. When a specific problem requires the householder to replace the wiring. This is a similar argument to only servicing your car after it breaks down.
3. Only when you have specific types of wiring, for instance rubber insulated wiring, otherwise wait for a problem. Rubber insulated wiring shows the wiring is old - rubber insulation has not been used in the UK since the early 60’s.
4. When a series of problems suggest the need for a rewire, for instance constantly tripping RCDs or constantly blowing fuses.
5. When an electrical test and inspection says that a rewire is needed. Electricians can carry out an inspection of a house to assess the state of the wiring, if the inspection fails a rewire may be needed.

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